When starting your betting journey, it can be very difficult to know what you want to bet on, especially if you enjoy a variety of sports.

Arguably any sport can be better than another sport and it depends on various factors such as your personal situation, knowledge, location and your goals for betting.

In this article, we’ll discuss 10 different sports and how they might be the best choice for you.




Football is the most popular sport in the world, capturing the hearts of national and international fans all across the world, because of this the betting market is vastly developed and booming for Football, with plenty of competing operators, fantastic odds and full coverage of any major event.

Additionally, football betting is also home to some of the most interesting markets in betting, thanks to its deep, strategic nature. There are also a huge number of promotions to be found, as well as great odds on numerous events.

Wide range of coverage, with hundreds of leagues, countries and thousands of events daily
A vast amount of competitive bookmakers, meaning plenty of odds to choose from
The global home to some of the most profitable and lucrative betting markets available

Due to the amount of development in the Football Sports Betting industry, it can be overwhelming to choose

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Horse Racing

An alternative to Football betting is Horse Racing, it is arguably the second most popular sports betting industry in the world, which has been established for hundreds of years. Horse race betting have great odds and if you understand horse racing well, you can find huge strategic advantages.

Away from strategy, though, this will just always feel like the purest form of sports betting for many, due to it going back hundreds of years and most likely considered the best type of sport for betting, with widely available live coverage making you feel like you’re right there near the starting line. Of course, the number of competitors makes horse racing very different to many others on this list of best sports to bet on. But the equally epic range of great markets makes the most of those possibilities, turning this into a big positive.

One of the oldest sports to bet on, and popular
Huge live streaming availability
Unique and vital promotions

The smartest bets require intense research
Often riskier than Football Betting for beginners
Not as popular as Football Betting

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This fast-paced sport can be very enjoyable to bet on, with one on one and two on two matches across the world sworn by many fans to the best sport to bet on, and the most exciting too. To be fair, there’s little else that can match its action-packed ferocity. Having a stake in such a sport just further sweetens the deal. While not quite as popular as Football and Horse Racing, you can get some sensational odds-on big events like Wimbledon, and quite often, live streaming of some amazing contests.

Incredibly fast-paced, you can bet on points and sets with ease
Markets expertly break down game across different segments
Vast live coverage and a truly global sport loved by millions

Remains not to everybody’s tastes for potential betting opportunities




If you’re looking for a sport to sink your teeth into then there’s nothing like cricket to lose yourself in. Not only is it incredibly deep and strategic, but it also comes in several different forms. Even better is that the best cricket betting sites allow you to pretty much choose what type of cricket you want to bet on. A terrific selection of well thought out and creative cricket markets further make you consider the game from all kinds of different angles, with the best betting sites out there ensuring that all the updates and details you need are provided across long matches. Cricket betting does exactly what all the best sports for betting should, and that improves the experience of the sport, whether you win or lose.

Unmatched depth
Incredibly clever selection of markets
Enhance your understanding and enjoyment of the game

Games last hours, roughly 8.5 hours on average
Betting opportunities might be far and few compared to Football




While rugby isn’t popular all over the world, the countries that do take it up such as Australia, England and New Zealand have an incredible passion for it. This high scoring game provides great opportunities for over/under markets and its fast-paced, physical and action-packed tactics will sure make any bet incredibly interesting.

Action-packed yet thought-provoking
Loads of great Over/Under markets

Doesn’t have the coverage of some sports
Not as popular internationally as other sports mentioned above




Boxing doesn’t really have schedules like the sports we’ve listed above, it’s more about big events hosted by promoters and operators. You never know when one is going to take place, but when one does take place, it’ll be huge and full of hype.

Apart from all this, boxing in itself is a pretty unique sport to bet on. It can be enjoyable, but the opportunities are not always there, I’d say boxing matches with betting opportunities are far and few, so you’d need to mix it with some of the other sports you like.

Huge betting events
Dedicated fight promotions
Unique ruleset and betting markets

Betting opportunities are just not as common
Games are not that frequent




eSports is probably one of the most diverse sports out there, the gaming genre has boomed and become vastly accepted as a sport, with hundreds of games to choose from and plenty of professional teams and games going on every day, vastness of eSports is similar to Football.

Choose from different genres, which play in different styles and tactics, from CS:GO to League of Legends, there is most likely a game you find interesting.

Vast selections of games and teams to bet on
Live streaming is available through Twitch and other streaming sites for free

Odds can be less competitive than some more established sports
Fairly new school market compared to Horses and Football

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NBA like Tennis is fast-paced, with short bursts of gameplay, where anything can happen within minutes, this makes the sport a great option for live betting. Moreover, the teams being so well-established and playing each other so often means that this is a dream for those gamblers who love to pour over the stats and really get invested in the game.

However, regardless of the stats, due to the teams playing so often and frequently in the NBA, the games are quite unpredictable and can be very close, so I would say bet with caution!

Great live betting
Teams regularly play with each other
Often very close games

Fairly risky and unpredictable

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