We’ve written about eSports a few times in our blog and now recently we’ve switched our Tennis Group into an eSports Group!

Modern eSports betting has been around for the good part of a decade but has existed for decades before with Super Smash Bro competitions. In the past decade, it has become a serious and rapidly growing market, gamers are like sports players and athletes in their own right and the eSports industry seems to be flourishing and growing as technology increases and more games are becoming released.

In this article, we’ll be writing about tips and tricks that could increase your chances of winning eSports bets with more emphasis on the strategy and discipline needed to bet in this industry as well as the long-term results you can get by staying consistent.

Find a Reputable Bookmaker

In eSports there is so many different bookmakers and types of websites, some are completely fake and are not reputable online esport betting platforms and some will trade with fake virtual money and give you incredibly poor odds or no payouts.

Because it is still a relatively young industry there are a lot of types of esports betting platforms and some of these will take your cash before you’re even ready to bet!

Always stick with popular and reputable platforms such as BetWay eSports and other familiar names in the industry, scouting for better odds is smart but with so many fake websites you might find yourself taking the bait and getting ripped off, we’re just warning you!

News Source Platforms

Social media platforms are fantastic for getting lots of sources of news. You can literally dive into the vast amount of news on players, performance, recent streams, predictions and lose your entire day in information. You will find a lot of useful bits and a lot of useless information too but once in a while you’ll find that golden piece of information and snatch yourself a winner.

Try different Bet Types

Match-winners are cool and all, but have you ever placed esports props? At N1T we do plenty of different bet types in eSports so it might be worth trying us out and giving these bet types a try!

You’ll need to mix it up a bit and see what works for you and what doesn’t. Everyone has different time restraints, commitments and levels of interest so it’s a game of trial and error and finding your favourite games and bet types.

Still use a Bankroll like Sports Betting!

It is crucial to have a staking plan and bankroll management! You need to stay on top of it and calculate your profit and losses as well as your stake size based on your bankroll. You can read more about a betting bankroll here: What is a betting bankroll?

Don’t forget to have fun

Whatever games you like to play in your free time, you can have fun staking on them too, from League of Legends to Call of Duty, what do you enjoy watching? Whether its the LCS or even a bit of CS:GO, there is such a variety of eSports Betting, have fun betting and enjoy the stream!