Who doesn’t want to find winners? We all do, but the truth is some horse racing bettors are far more advanced at choosing a winning race than most.

Whilst there is no straight forward formula that can help you find a winner, there are several ways that can be taken into consideration in order to enhance your chances of winning a horse race.

The best horse isn’t always the best performer.

It’s always important to consider the ground conditions for the race. If the ground conditions are against the best horse it is very likely it will poorly perform.

It is therefore important to consider that just because a horse has fantastic performance on softer ground doesn’t mean they will perform the same on a harder ground, whilst some horses are great all-rounders, for most horses, there will be some ground conditions that are unsuitable and so you must consider not just the horses recent performance itself but the environment the horse was placed in when looking for a winner.

So close, yet so far…

We’ve all seen that unlucky horse which seems like an obvious winner for next time. They’ll finally get their chance to win and so next time you’ll bet on them.

The problem is everyone can spot these unlucky horses and so their chances of winning are severely overestimated and come out over bet next race. It’s more likely that they will be unlucky again than actually win. This is a risky strategy and therefore it is much better to stick to well-performing horses which offer better odds and less risk.

Yes, an unlucky horse can win next time but more often than not it won’t and you’ll end up wasting a potential bet on a loser.

Signposts and Data Analytics

You may have seen signposts mentioned before. Signposts are information published about trainer form, jockey form, horse performance and course form. Data regarding horses improving or decreasing in class and horses that have travelled the greatest distance. The information is usually available in news sources, racing publications, data analytics and forums. Always pay attention to the quality and detail of signposts. Some data can often be misleading or accurate so trust your sources and search for reliable information.

An example of the benefits of Signposts could be when looking at trainer form. Poor trainer form can often lead to poor horse performance if a horse is unwell or the trainer is unwell backing it should be avoided.

Even though these horses poorly perform the potential opportunity is when they come back much better handicapped or compete at lower grades due to their recent poor performance. This is an opportunity when you see a trainer recovering form.

Simply avoid backing horses when a trainer has poor form to avoid backing losers and try to spot returning form to back some big and easy winners.

It’s important not to back a horse on just one factor so research thoroughly to avoid pitfalls.

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