With over 1000 games in the NBA each season, you’ll never run short of NBA games to bet on. This can make betting arguably easier as there should be more opportunities to bet on due to the volume of games, more analysis and more quick bets, but it can also become quite time consuming and overwhelming to know what to bet on and to feed through several matches and try to find value.

Betting on sports you don’t understand is a quick way to losing your bankroll, so in this article, we’ll discuss a few ways to responsibly bet and get started with Basketball and NBA Betting in general.

In football, the variables influencing selections are far more complex than basketball and the number of games doesn’t really allow for high volume betting as much as basketball ethier, so it is a different playing field that you’ll be introduced to.

In order to make the most of your stakes in the NBA, there are a few rules you should stick to as you get started and whilst you gain more experience and expertise you can start to pick up more advanced techniques.


Start your research ahead of seasons

Due to how long the NBA has been going on and the high volume of games, there is a wealth of information that you can find online. Speculations, analytics, explanations, you can find the strongest and weakest teams in minutes.

Using an analytical website you can find projections, player analysis, detailed in-depth team charts with statistics which will allow you to jumpstart your NBA Betting career if you’re a novice quite quickly.

As there are only 30 teams in a league you’ll be able to get familiar quite easily with a birds-eye scope on what’s going on. American journalists write in-depth informative articles about the matchups, teams and keep neutral opinions on the NBA as well. We recommend websites such as https://www.nbaanalysis.net

Within a few days, you can be well informed about NBA, the teams and matchups well ahead of the games. One thing NBA has over football is that it is easier to master due to all these circumstances.


Major Basketball Markets

The betting markets for NBA might be a little different to your usual Football markets, but there are some similarities.

You can use:

  • Moneyline – Moneyline or a straight bet is an outright market where you can bet on a team at any given odds. This is the main form of waging for bettors who don’t want to heavily rely on game points.
  • Points Spread – This is the most popular type of betting where uneven matchups between teams are evened out through imposing a handicap on the stronger team and upsets on the weaker. This was developed to entice bettors to back the underdogs.
  • Totals – If you find it difficult to take aside, you can go for the Total or Over/Under market. This market is determined by the total number of the teams’ game scores.
  • Parlay – This is point spread betting with multiple teams in tow. Parlays can be up to ten or fifteen teams depending on betting sites. Each team included in the parlay must be able to cover the spread in order for you to make a win. Otherwise, you lose the entire bet.

Getting to know the markets and their specifics is very important, so make sure you do your own research on the above markets.


Don’t bet too often

There are 1200 games in a 6 month long season, which means there are a lot of games. You can’t bet on every single game of course, but you need to find opportunity within these games. If you jump on too many games you’ll most likely have a lot of losers and could clear out your bankroll before a win. Stay sensible and look for opportunity, if there isn’t any, then just know you have another 1000+ games to find value in.

Stay focused and don’t FOMO, as there are plenty of games and profit to be made in an NBA season.