It’s difficult to realise but sometimes we’re flooded by Tips & opinions from everywhere from, Twitter, Telegram, Whatsapp & Facebook.

We also often get asked this question, but the answer depends on what you’re trying to gain. Most punters will be following Tipsters for a profit but some might be following Tipsters to find the best value, it is hard to find a good Tipster after all as there are thousands of Tipsters in this industry!

We suggest staying consistent with a few Tipsters at first and then dropping the ones you find too unpredictable. Tipsters will always have bad days and weeks but providing you follow their stake plans and have the money for a decent-sized bankroll the potential profit with a great Tipster is limitless!


Start with your Bankroll

There are tons of Tipsters, so to make sure your finances are kept in check, you’ll want to set up a Bankroll or a Betting Bank, a good Tipster will provide you with a staking plan, suggested bankroll and all the information you need to get set up with them. If they don’t have this information, tread carefully, you could end up losing a lot of money just on bets of random Tipsters who are not well seasoned, even if their Tips are completely free!

The reason Bankrolls are essential is because every Tipster experiences downturns at some point, it is just a matter of time. You’ll never find a 100% win streak Tipster, if you do they’re probably lying. This is gambling after all and there is an essence of randomness and chance involved, Tipsters play a role where they try and give you an edge against the bookies and help you make money. If you are on a losing streak with no strategy in vision, then chances are you could blow your entire pot in 4 – 5 losses. A Bankroll helps you minimise that risk and keep you growing over time.


Go with a Paid Tipster

It’s often controversial but going with a Paid Tipster gives both parties benefits, a Paid Tipster is motivated to perform every day as if they do not, they end up losing subscribers. Compared to a Paid Tipster, Free Tipsters probably don’t care too much if you lose money, it doesn’t hurt their income nor their bottom line, perhaps a few followers here and there, but they haven’t really got much skin in the game compared to a Paid Tipster.

We’ve actually discussed Free Tipsters vs Paid Tipsters before, so it’s worth checking it out!

When you pay a Tipster, you’re paying for them to research into great opportunities in the market, so if you want quality opportunities and not just some average Tips, paying for someone who does this as a full-time job is much better than someone who is doing this for fun. They’ll take it much more seriously when researching Tips, will be focused on growing their community more and finding those winning bets, because if they don’t, they’ll lose their customers!


Ghosting your Tipsters

Choosing a Tipster can be a risky business, that’s why we offer a free trial to new subscribers, we want you to get a taste of what N1T can do and how we work. We know we are not for everyone, but we honestly think we’re one of the better Tipster groups out there and want everyone to give us a go.

Not all Tipsters however have free trials as there is a lot of admin involved unless they have an automatic system like us. That’s why we suggest following a Tipsters tips without risking money, this way you may have to pay a month of subscription maximum but none of your hard-earned bankrolls is at risk, simply follow the Tips as if you were going to place a bet in an excel spreadsheet and after a month total up your profit and loss. If you’re in green it might be worth trying the Tipster with hard-earned cash because they might have some quality tips you haven’t found elsewhere, if not simply move on to the next one and repeat!

This way you’ll be able to get through dozens of Tipsters, follow your favourite ones and drop the rest without losing a lot of money.

So with that said, how many Tipsters should you follow? That completely depends on how many Sports you’re interested in. At N1T we do a wide range of sports, from Football, Horses, ESports & Dogs, all in one monthly subscription with access to half a dozen Tipsters tips. We work closely as a team to find the best Tips each day and give our community winners. For most people 1 Tipster group will be enough, you only need to follow a few sports and a few Tipsters.

As you grow in experience, you’ll know what you like and don’t, but we recommend not to follow so many Tipsters on Twitter, Facebook and Telegram. Instead, search for quality tips and if you have to pay a bit extra to get it, you can make it back in time & profit!