What is a Tipster?

A tipster is a person who provides other punters with expert tips. The premise is that their awareness and expertise benefits winning bettors with little experience or little time to research. In horse racing, football, and other activities, they advise on what to bet on, a punter places the bet and overtime a punter should snowball a profit.

By definition, a paying tipster, with all potential results, is searching for opportunities to win. The tips they offer may produce better results as they typically do this full time and are continuously searching for opportunities to make a profit. Their level of trust is always higher at times, but note, when receiving tips from these types of tipsters, there is always a cost!

Whether that cost is worth it depends on you.


Free Tipsters vs Paid Tipster Services

A free tipster website is exactly as the name dictates, offering players and bettors who wish to get an edge with their bets free tips. We need to note that bettors are hunting for the winning bets, and free tips are always tips. If they are searching for ways to fortify their betting opportunities, they can give bettors confidence.


Advantages of paid tipster are as follows:

  1. Great for beginners – Someone who is new at betting, It can be challenging and daunting at first. Here comes the paid tipster who can share his ideas and explain the process of who to place bets on!
  2. Free tipsters can also have another motive, such as affiliate ads or attempting to make you gamble with a certain bookmaker, the primary reason you should consider paying for betting tips rather than following free tips. Paying tipsters, meanwhile, have one goal and that is to give you lucrative tips that you’re willing to pay for.
  3. With a paid tipster there can be a sense of relief, that you have made a well-researched bet and the chance that you win also increases. A paid tipster with good historical data of his winning % can certainly help.
  4. Selecting a good tipster who has a good winning percentage, good profit-making history, being knowledgable, and at the same time having a prolonged career can give you great results in the end.
  5. Some may believe there is a stigma attached to paying for betting tips, but if it’s actually any different than paying for a lawyer or a builder’s services, essentially, you’re paying someone to do a job for you that you can’t do yourself.


Advantages of free tipsters are as follows:

  1. The cost: The first advantage is the cost of tips for betting on sports. With paid tipsters you’ll be paying a monthly subscription for paid betting tips which can dig into your bankroll, this is great if you’re making a profit from their tips, but if they’re not performing, it can be a little irritating.
  2. Not all tipsters are made equal: It is necessary to take into account that not all tipsters are made equal. Some bettors say they’re experts, take your hard-earned money, and don’t give you much in return. Keep an eye out for scams from these tipsters. Before selecting a tipster make sure to check their background and historical data of past bets, if a tipster is free it is much easier to test out their tips and see how they are performing!

Premium Tips can be a great investment, saving you the mental energy to seek out opportunity and provide you with profit. But not all Tipsters are made equally, interested in a free trial with premium tips? Sign up today!