Why you should invest in a Premium Tipster

With tips in abundance and incredibly accessible through the vast web, it can be very difficult to justify paying for a premium tipster.

After-all what could make a premium tipster so much better than a free tipster?

At first sight, both Tipsters are doing the same thing, they both give you advice on what to bet on!

In this article we will discuss more about the value of a Premium Tipster and whether they are worth the investment.

The Quality of a Tip

Free is great, especially in hard economical times.

Especially when a lot of Premium Tipsters are often very expensive and capable of cutting deeply into your profits!

With free tipsters, you won’t be throwing away hundreds of pounds per year on tips. That’s hundreds of pounds that could be used on placing bets and compound your bankroll!

But you’re also at the risk of throwing away hundreds of pounds on poor preforming bets which were motivated by a free tip.

What does this mean for me?

Without using a Premium Tipster you’ll be reliant on free tips all the time and will most likely be using multiple Tipsters as well, but you’ll still be putting your hard-earned money on the table when it comes to sports betting and there is no getting away from that!

The tip might be free but betting isn’t and there is always an inherent risk when it comes to placing that bet.

So how good of quality is that Tipster you’re using?

Invest in the Tips you’re using

Let’s admit, the truth is tips are sometimes right and are sometimes wrong. As long as you’re more right than wrong with a firm staking plan, you can come out on top with a profit.

As accessible and in abundance tips are on the web, becoming a Tipster is too.

Anyone can set up a social media and a website and call themselves a Tipster with more than a few weeks of experience.

Whilst that might be great for them, that isn’t great for anyone looking to make money off their bets. Sports betting is unpredictable and so you want well-researched tips to take away some of that initial risk.

If someone is offering free tips, there is a reason why,

Two reasons that could negatively impact your profits are:

  • They are trying to build up their followers & reputation as they’re starting out.
  • They are doing it as a side hobby, enjoy betting and enjoy sharing their tips with the punter community.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the above, but what we must look at is the quality of a tip. Who exactly are you following and what made them choose that tip.

Because you’re putting up money every time you bet, you need to know you can trust the Tipster in the long-term!

Why you should choose a Premium Tipster

If someone is making a living from being a Tipster, they can research and advice much better than someone does it on the side.

They have all day to look and scout for opportunities, build up their subscribers and make a living from it.

It means they’ll be immersed far more than someone taken away from their full-time job and will be able to put hours into time-consuming fundamentals of betting such as:

  • Research and Analysis
  • Scouting Opportunities



A good premium tipster will make you far more profit than their monthly fee takes from you.

They’ll also have an incentive to make sure you win, no Tipster wants to lose subscribers doing something they love! So every Tip they send out is one they believe will be a winner and make you profit.

That can’t be said for free tipsters who don’t get many incentives if you win or lose.

For a low price of £25 a month you can get access to popular sports betting tips such as Football, Horses, Tennis and Dogs.

If you’re interested, you can start your free trial with us today here