Before you get into Sports Betting the most important rule is to be in it for the long run.

Sports Betting rarely works as a get rich quick scheme and whilst there are some success stories, you are more likely to have some extremely fatal losses treating it as a short-term game.

Instead, we suggest looking at betting with a long-term focus. It is absolutely inevitable that you are going to have some bad days regardless of your experience, even at N1T we experience bad days!

Those without a long-term vision, are looking to make a quick buck day by day. By falling into this trap you’ll lose out on the opportunity of staying consistent which is important for significant growth and success.

Are you in it for the long-term?

Before you start betting, it’s really important to distinguish your goals, are you looking to build up profits for a deposit on a house or so you can switch careers? Perhaps, you are looking to just make a few extra quid to spend over the weekend?

Your goal is going to determine the result you get. If you’re spending your profits within a week and not letting your bankroll grow, you’re going to get nowhere fast as you haven’t build up enough of a war chest to cushion you from losses!

You are also going to be more likely to give up after a few losses because being down £50 from your initial investment isn’t going to be worth the future rewards. If you’re only thinking about making a bit extra to spend on the weekend you should treat this like a very light hobby and only do a few low-risk bets a week.

For those who are focused on the long-term, you’ll find that those small stakes slowly build up your bankroll and add up over the months. It isn’t unrealistic to say you can easily have a deposit for your next house in a few years, but you need to get to years by not giving up and riding out those bumps in the road.

Consistency is key!

Bad days come and go and over the years whilst we’ve had some bad days, even months, we’re still in profit. If you follow your staking plan, remain consistent and don’t spend your profits and instead let them build up your bankroll to protect your initial investment from a losing spree, you are on a safe track to success.

That’s why we’ve implemented long-term plans with up to 30% discounts. Staying consistent is an important piece of the puzzle, are you in it for the long-run? Check out our new 3 month, 6 month and Annual plans here