Whilst every person is different and may have different goals when Betting, it is important, at least when you start out to first understand why you’re doing it!

This will define the point of you betting and this purpose can often be the first layers of foundation that help you with your betting strategy, decisions, bankroll and risk appetite!

Millions of people across the world bet and all come with different reasons! So let’s discuss the top 3 common reasons.


Start making side income

Making a side income can be an extremely attractive reason to start betting. You can make a lot of extra income from Betting depending on various factors such as risk appetite, odds & win ratio.

It isn’t easy at first but as you’ll need to learn, understand the games and create a strategy that fits you, but it is possible. Betting is a very easy pathway for those interested in making surplus money, you can instantly install a bookmaker and register with them within 5 minutes. From there depositing money and placing bets can all be done in a few taps.

Compared to other side income opportunities like Freelancing, Betting has a very low barrier to entry. There are no required skillsets as there are with Bookkeeping or Programming and so its no doubt why this gets people interested.


Enjoyment & Passion

For some bettors, betting is a lifestyle! It’s something integrated into their social groups from a young age. Going to horse races on the weekend with the family and having a good time placing a few small bets.

For some people, it is completely normal to place a few bets on the football game, and a part of that is because betting makes games more exciting as you’ve got a stake in one of the outcomes.

Betting is fun and it can bring groups of people together. A couple of bets at the pub with your mates and a pint is a Friday evening well spent!



Some people are addicted to making it big! This is a dangerous path because with Sports Betting at least, you should not be in it just for the money. There should be some enjoyment to it and if you’re significantly losing all the time it may be time to reconsider. There is nothing wrong with sitting back and letting others bet while you enjoy the game for what it is. Risking money should only be done sensibly and when you have a surplus after all your necessities.

If you do feel addicted, take a break to reflect on the value of betting.

These are the reasons why some people bet, there are plenty more reasons to betting but we believe these are the most common. Whether you are looking to make a side income, have some passion or both it’s better to start now instead of later!

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