As you become more experienced with betting and are making more than you lose you are faced with an uphill battle as it becomes harder and harder to get your bets accepted.

We all know bookmakers are out to make a profit and to keep a profit that sometimes means limiting accounts of the big winners.


Placing Bets

All winning accounts will get closed, it’s only a matter of time, so creating accounts with multiple bookmakers is going to be inevitable. But once all those accounts get froze what can you do?

Well, apart from avoiding it in the first place another great idea is to either start selling tips or get someone to place them for you.

There are multiple professional gamblers who have a team who place the bets for them because they’ve been frozen from every bookmaker.

Luckily it is easy to set up an account straight from your phone and with a pool of great bookmakers on the app store you can register within minutes.


Timing Bets

Timing bets is as important as placing them. You’ll need to decide at what point to strike your bets to make a decent return and minimise risk.

It might make sense to place bets when markets are weak in order to secure the best odds, however, those odds won’t be stood to large stakes and might be unbackable before a fraction of your required stake has been placed. This can often be risky so waiting until the markets are at their strongest might mean that larger stakes will be catered for, however, the price might be completely gone by then.

Placing bets gradually or in a more subtle manner can be key to getting your full stakes accommodated at the required prices.

Finding the exact strategy for getting your bets on at the best odds will depend on what sort of games you bet on and how many different accounts you can get the bets on in.


Betting with the best Bookmaker

You don’t need to put your eggs all in one basket anymore. With the power of mobile devices, it’s important to pick and choose the best bookmakers.

The best bookmaker for Football might not be necessarily the best for Tennis or Horses.

You’ll need to ensure you get the most out of your bets so scouting for the best opportunities for each sport isn’t a waste of time, in fact, it could be the difference between a profit and a loss.

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