Learning Value Betting will help you get the biggest bang out of each bet you make. It may take some time to research and gain experience doing so but once you have value betting under your belt, you will be scaling your profit.

What is Value Betting?

Value betting is when you believe a certain team may perform better than odds suggest. This is not to be confused with betting on an underdog, as value betting instead means betting against the perceived prediction from the bookmakers.

Implying they have made a mistake or undervalued a team which you can take advantage of.

As bookmakers are highly knowledgeable, they can’t be correct all the time and they often set their scores based on trends or recent scores as well as performance. They may not take into account the opposing team may be ready for a comeback and that is where you come in. As a value bettor, you predict when a particular team might surprise the bookmakers and within, beating all odds and increasing your profit.

How do I start value betting?

There are high-profile teams known across the world such as Manchester United, that have built solid reputations, consistent streaks and huge fan bases off their star players. They are instinctively expected to be victorious in every game.

If you’re convinced that a high-profile team may not win a game for good reasons, you can increase your stake accordingly against them, this is value betting and you can make a lot of profit doing so.

How to successfully Value Bet?

You must develop knowledge about teams and players you are betting for and against winning. This will take a lot of research, experience and time, in order to build a mentality that will give you an edge amongst others who may not see the value in placing a bet against a team everyone is sure will win.

Its best to start analysing team performance at the beginning of a season and watching how they are performing together and against other teams, try to observe for things that show which teams if given the right opportunities could outshine the rest, keep track of changes in the team rosters, injuries and so forth.

With the correct mindset, you can start analysing what you think the real odds should be in certain scenarios and matchups and when they’re against the bookies, that is when you should value bet.

With Value betting, there are no guarantees of course, but in certain situations, the risk may be outweighed by the potential return, this can make you a much more profitable bettor if you know what you’re doing, but remember this takes experience to execute well.

If you’re starting out, you can let us do the hard work for you and pick up on the techniques that we use to choose when value betting.