We all know that in the world of gambling there is no guarantee you’ll win, however, there is a way of getting as close to a sure bet and that is Arbitrage Betting

Arbitrage Betting or commonly know as arbing is a way of exploiting the bookmakers differing odds in order to make a profit on sports betting.

Arbitrage betting usually works best in obscure markets, as this is where bookmakers will have more differing opinions and analysis on how games will go and what the result will be which determines what odds they will give to bettors.

Arbers can capitalize on these conflicting opinions and bet against certain bookmaker odds should they sense an opportunity. To do this successfully you’ll need to be quick as a lot of Bookmakers have advanced software which will quickly adjust the odds to make a more accurate prediction.

Example of Arbitrage Betting

In a tennis match between player 1 and player 2.

One bookmaker has odds of 1.3 on player 1 and 3.93 on player 2, while another bookmaker has odds of 1.42 on player 1 and 2.9 on player 2

In this scenario, if you place a bet of £734.10 on player 1 at 1.42 and a bet of £265.90 on 3.93, your whole stake would be £1000. Regardless of who wins in this scenario, you will get £1043. That is a £43 guaranteed profit.

Are there disadvantages to Arbitrage Betting?

Whilst Arbitrage Betting can seem like a guaranteed way of getting profit. It is still gambling.

A lot of bookmakers are aware of Arbitrage Betting and can detect suspicious activity with automated programs. If you are detected and your bookmaker isn’t arbitrage friendly, you risk having your account limited or closed.

The other disadvantage is that if you do find an opportunity for arbing, you might get stuck in a bad bet, For example, you do risk the chance that as you place your first bet, the odds of the second bet you are about to place changes. In this situation, you lose the chance of making an arbitrage and you’re stuck with one position.

Knowing about Arbitrage Betting is useful for any bettor however to execute a successful arbitrage bet can be tricky. It is also advised to take on small bets to learn how to successfully pull it off and definitely do your research into which bookmakers offer arbitrage friendly services.

Want to bet confidently and up your game?