ACCA Bets also known as Accumulator Bets are where different selections come together to form one bet.

The chances of the bet winning decrease because each selected bet needs to win, but the odds of them accumulated together grows larger.

Every time a selection is added, all odds in the bet slip will be multiplied

Here are some common terminology you will find about ACCA Bets

  • A double is when two separate selections are part of the same bet
  • A treble works in the same way except three selections are featured
  • Four-Fold – Four separate selections come together to form one bet
  • Five-Fold – Five separate selections come together to form one bet

Common sense right? It can go up to twenty-fold.

What are the Pros and Cons of Accumulator Bets?


  • Combing selections you’re increasing your odds which means you can get large returns
  • Your immediate financial risk per bet is reduced, as placing an accumulator with a selection of bets can mean just placing a £20.00 bet rather than several £20.00 stakes for each bet in the selection


  • As the odds grow, the probability of a win decreases. Every selection you add reduces the probability that you will win because you have to win every bet in an Accumulator to receive the odds!
  • You may think you’re finding better odds and less risk by grouping together smaller odds selections to make a desirable price, but even then you’re not getting any value and you’re handing more of a margin to the bookmakers.

Accumulators can be used on any sport and market but are popular in Football.

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