If you’re one of many on the bench wondering if Sports Betting is possibly a new venture for you there are certain things you should first know about Sports Betting that may impact your decision to go ahead with it or not

What are the risks of Sports Betting?

We all know you can lose money betting, it involves putting in hard-earned cash and placing a stake that will hopefully come back with a profitable return. That means you’re always risking your money in order to get more money.

Even when you’re backing solid teams, big favourites and players on winning streaks, there is always the chance things will backfire against you and you lose the bet. Sports, for the most part, can be very unpredictable even with the right mindset and analysis, nothing is really guaranteed and unlikely outcomes happen all the time. If you want to protect yourself you should look into having a bankroll and learning risk management.

Every bet carries a degree of risk and while sure bets to exist, there is still a chance that you could still lose.

Don’t risk more than you can afford to lose

Is Sports Betting easy money?

Bookmakers have an advantage over you. They’re the ones who will distribute the odds and always try to guarantee a profit for themselves regardless of the outcome of a game.

As an amateur you may experience a range of emotions when winning and losing bets, it’s important to try and stay as calm as possible so you can make the best decisions. You can read more about the mental experiences here

Knowing the challenges that you may face as an amateur better will help you prepare for the obstacles you’ll face, it’s part of the experience and so its incredibly important to know this beforehand so that you can persevere and learn how to bet and get the most out of it.

The Rewards of Sports Betting


Sports betting is a risk and returns game. If you’re betting well, you can make a lot of money.

Just a few small bets a day can turn into a mountain of cash in the long-term that you wouldn’t of had if you didn’t give it a shot.

It can be difficult to go at it alone as a beginner and that’s why you may be interested in using a Tipster like ourselves.

We send tips straight to your phone. You’ll not only get bets straight to your phone but you’ll be part of our growing community which is a melting pot of beginner and professional bettors with the same goal, making money.

Betting is entertainment

If you’re already a football enthusiast and watch practically every football match. There is a tried and tested way of making football matches even more excited that you’ll be on the edge of your seat.

Your favourite team might not be playing every day but by betting on matches for a certain outcome it makes every football match far more engaging and exciting, it can be a great feeling to pick a bet and win, bet with your friends and earn money in the comfort of your home.

Betting can be seen as a cheap source of entertainment to, you don’t have to bet hundreds of pounds a day, as small as £1 can make you £10, so you can have a lot of fun on the cheap.

What should I know about Betting going forward?

You should read a few of our articles before you get started and possibly consider joining our free group or paid groups here

You might want to also make sure you have an interest in it

  • Do you get addicted to gambling easily?
  • Do you have enough money to put aside each month?
  • What is your toleration to risk and losing?
  • Are you a sports enthusiast or do you prefer doing other activities?

You should approach Betting with an open mindset and absorb as much experience as you can, betting isn’t easy at first, you’ll probably lose a lot at first, but as you get the swing of things, you may find your element or just another small hobby you enjoy sometimes in the evenings after work.