The Statistics

Horse Racing has a wealth of statistics and information from the past races that can help when deciding on a betting decision.

The odds will normally be adjusted to these indicators but if you are prepared to study statistics and explore the wealth of information on the internet you could have an edge and find some valuable resources.

What to look for?

You should look for the horse’s recent performance which will normally reflect how well it will do. Look for their finishing positions in previous races to make a judgement.

The weight the horse is carrying as a handicap can also affect its performance. Look for the weight it is carrying in the race and compare it to the weight carried in previous races.

It is also worth looking into:

  • The class of the race
  • The form of the trainer
  • Similar distances
  • Similar conditions
  • Similar or particular courses

Watching Bookies Odds

If a horse’s odds go from 18/1 to 12/1 there is most likely an indication of insider knowledge. For example, the Owners, trainers or bettors have a good reason to believe it will win the race and have been backing it heavily meaning that the odds have changed.

This may be an opportunity for you to back this horse before the odds go down even lower from 12/1.

This is essentially following the market and is also known as “Following the money”. You may see this in the stock market when there is a bullish uptrend that has catalysed from insider trading.

Whilst this isn’t a guaranteed method it will give you decent bets.


Using Tipsters to gain an edge & save time

Should you not have the time to do such extensive research, it may be a great option to look for Tipsters. Horse Tipsters will do the research for you, analyse the odds of a horse winning and make a betting decision for you. All you have to do is copy the bet.

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Whilst the bookies will most likely adjust their odds to reflect the above suggestions, you should look out for lesser-known facts that may not be included. For example, if you can find out that certain horses had a slight injury or that it has improved its jumping slightly since the last race then you could have an advantage. The bookies do not always consider all factors, it only depends on what they know and by doing as much research as possible you can gain that advantage above them.