There are millions of punters prying for their next profit and there is nowhere better to look than the worlds most famous sport, Football.

Betting on Football can be extremely profitable as long as you know what you’re doing and have experience under your belt.

Whilst at N1T we make it easy to get started with Football Betting, we know that sometimes it can still be difficult to keep going as this form of gambling requires an upfront investment of time, persistence, dedication and your hard-earned cash!

So with that being said, here are 5 ways to earn more profit from betting on Football


Search for the best odds possible

Shopping around for the tips we send out might seem like an extra effort but as you probably know, the higher the odds, the bigger the profit. If you’re looking to maximize profit this is an easy opportunity.

Bookmakers set odds and therefore every bookmaker will have different odds for the same matchup.

It’s often sensible to shop around on some of the more popular bookmakers just to make sure you’re getting the best deal, it can take less than a minute and get you a few extra quid!

Consume as much Football as possible

If you don’t live and breathe Football how will you know what you’re doing?

It’s important to follow the action closely, understand what has and is happening!

Why? because without having a full understanding of the game, the matchups and only following a Tipsters tips blindly you’re missing thousands of opportunities to maximize profit!

If you’re not watching Football you miss out on the live betting market, insights, playstyles, conditions, team play and tons of small things that equate to knowledge, understanding and experience, all factors that should be included when making a betting decision.


Search for value

We say it time and time again but odds are most likely based on a fine line of certain outcomes happening. If the odds are higher, the outcome may be very unlikely to happen.

But sometimes the odds offered by a bookmaker represent a different story, they may create odds where the probability is lower than it should be and that leaves you in a situation where you can pick up a value bet.

Whilst this may not happen all the time, it is a crucial way to maximize profits.

Always be on the search for a value bet as it leads to big profits that accumulate over time!


Stay cool & relax

The journey of being a punter is tough, but it should be enjoyable. If you feel out of control or overly emotional take a break.

Try not to mix emotions with betting as it almost always ends up in a recipe for disaster.

When your favourite team is on, you want them to win, when you’re down 5 times in a row, you think you’re going to win big and raise stakes way above your staking plan.

Base your betting decisions on hard facts and not emotions and remember, only bet what you can afford to lose.

Want to get started with betting?

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