At No1 Tipster we don’t offer Golf Betting Tips, however, we always recommend bettors to be at least knowledgeable of other sports and dabble in them in case there are large competitions with opportunity for profit in the future.

Learning the basics of different Sports is recommended, you can learn this easily online through Youtube and other resources.

In this article we’ll give advice on the betting aspects of Golf, covering topics such as Research, Odds and Recommended resources.


Getting Started

If you have never placed a bet on golf before but are looking for some information and guidance, this article will start you off on your Golf Betting career, as this is a beginners guide.

When you start Golf Betting, you want to keep it simple and digestible, you want to do a small amount of researching and betting so you can slowly grow your experience in this sport before you make substantial profits.


Is Golf Betting Profitable?

In short, yes. Golf is one of the most popular sports with an international player and fan base, large event venues that have been sold out and very competitive tournaments. Because of this, bookmakers have made it easy and quick to bet on Golf for fans and bettors with various different bet types and plenty of opportunities to make a profit.

However like with all sports betting, profit can only be made if you stick to logical strategies, do your research and have honed in your golf betting skills enough to make regular profit instead of a few winners and a bunch of losers.


How to Bet on Golf

Betting on Golf has similarities to betting on Football and will usually entail you making a prediction in a certain event and using a bookmaker app/website where odds are provided for you.

That’s why before you start we recommend the below articles to get you started with general sports betting:

If your prediction was correct, you get paid, the value of your stake, multiplied by the odds taken – This is your return which includes your profit & stake

If your prediction was incorrect, your bet is lost, the bookmaker retains the stake and nothing is returned to you.


The Power of Statistics

Statistics can be helpful in supporting your predictions, identifying trends and jumping onto opportunities in Golf Betting.

We recommend the below resources to find your golf betting statistics, but there are plenty of others and you should always do your own research!



There is a whole host of websites available for finding out golf players’ statistics across a range of variables. It is a little bit like horse racing form, where you can check back not only on how a player has performed in the most recent tournament but also, how they have performed under things like

  • Course
  • Country
  • Course Type
  • Tournament Status
  • Course Conditions
  • Weather Conditions
  • Time of year
  • and much more.

Use this information to your advantage so that you can make calculated and smart bets instead of gambling heavily on luck and chance. You want more of these statistics types to be in your favour and support your betting opportunities.

Focus on a few specific areas of the game so you can gain experience faster and start making a profit sooner.

Like with Football, Golf Players will have spells of good form and bad. We need not speculate on the reasons for these dips and peaks, but we should be aware of when they happen, especially if there is an annual tendency for the form line to repeat.

We recommend focusing on a few events at a time and learning about the players involved, this way you’ll be able to snowball your knowledge, make a small profit and keep growing as a Golf Punter quicker and easier. If you expose yourself to too many games and events across the world, you’ll end up with an information overload. Your research should be precise, specific and actionable.


Understand The Players

Some professional golf punters only follow and bet on a certain stable of players and we recommend you also do this in the beginning.

Only make bets when the players are in form, playing well and the playing conditions are similar to past well-performed events. Statistics will help you drill down this sort of information and it can keep your bets in your favour.

Consider narrowing down a stable of players to learn everything about, starting with one of these possible options

  • Players who always play best at the beginning or end of the season
  • Players who are adept at certain weather conditions
  • Only players who have won a tour event in the past 24 months

This will make the start of your Golf Betting career more stable, predictable and less reliant on unpredictable things such as player mood, motivation and so forth. You will narrow down a large amount of randomness or unpredictability and your bet becomes more calculated.

One aspect of being a successful golf punter is being able to be selective with your predictions and only make bets when you feel the odds are in your favour.

By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each of your players, you have an ideal opportunity to identify when their chance is best based on the event you are considering.

Good luck on the start of your Golf Betting journey!