You’ve probably already seen Darts on the TV whilst you’re flicking channels but never paid attention to it, after all you might play a bit of Darts at the pubs and thought nothing more. But Darts is a sport that is extremely popular with thousands of spectators going to events and a sport that takes a lot of precision to thrive in.

In this beginner guide, we’ll dip into the world of Darts and the potential ways you can make money from Darts.

How do you play darts?

Professional players will usually be matched up 1 v 1 and will take turns to throw darts at a scoreboard. They normally have 3 shots per turn with the aim of the game being to reach a score of 0 first.

A dartboard is divided into 20 different sections, with numbers from 1 – 20. The bullseye ring in the middle of the board totals 25 for the outer ring and 50 for the inner. Typically you’d start a game of darts at 501 professionally and then you’d chip away at this number to get to 0 before your matchup.

Betting on Darts

There is a range of good markets in Darts and a couple of good bookies, you can get started with Dart betting through Bet 365 if you’re already set up with them. It’s good to dabble in it first as you learn the ropes and then you can look at where you can get the best odds as you gain more experience. There are 18 major tournaments a year so there is a lot of opportunities to make a profit when you don’t see any opportunity in your main sports.

There is a lot of cross over knowledge when it comes to Darts, the way you want to find an opportunity is by analysing the matchups, look at the form of the players in recent months and their average performance overall. It goes to say though that Darts is a very unpredictable game, a clear winner can be toppled over very easy if the opponent has a great finish, so there aren’t any guarantees, but as a rule of thumb as you get started, those with a higher dart average have more chance of winning.


Learning as much as possible

Before you start betting in Darts, it’s essential to learn as much about the sport, you’ll want to get a feel of things on a professional level and throw your pub experience out the window! The highest tier dart players play exceptionally well. Watch a few Youtube videos, check out Dart Statistics websites such as and see if Darts Betting is the right fit for you.

Darts Statistics are important to look at when you’re betting on specific matches or tournaments. It’s important to use the stats to see how players have been looking in previous games, focusing on most wins, how many 180’s they’re throwing and how many doubles they are hitting.

We’ve already touched on dart averages earlier on, but they are key stats to focus on when researching previous games played. Head to heads between two players who you know will be coming up against each other in tournaments or league formats will also help give you a better look at what to bet on before the match starts.

Good luck on your Darts Betting Journey!