We punters are challenged with a wide spectrum of emotions on a daily basis. From fear, frustration, happiness, pride, stress & anger, emotions can chip away and take their toll.

Whilst we’ve mentioned before that this isn’t an emotions game and have advised to try and keep your feelings out, every punter has their limit and it can sometimes be time to take a step away and reflect on that.

Betting burnout is real and stress can really tip you over that edge of it, leading to you tilting your betting strategy. There are only so many times we punters can keep pushing ourselves before there is no gas left to keep going.


What is Betting Burnout?

Burnout, in general, is a mental state where you’re exhausted & disconnected from whatever it is you’re doing. The burnout terminology means that you have burned out your energy, willpower and motivation to keep doing whatever it was you were doing. That can lead you to make lazy decisions, become totally disinterested and can sometimes lead to depression.

Betting burnout is simply getting a burnout for betting. You may have lost hope, become tired and exhausted and perhaps even resent the thought of it.


Burnout can happen to anyone

It is important to know you can get burnout before you start placing bets. Sports betting is a very mentally active process and that can take a tolling. We’re talking about a large time commitment and money commitment to become successful at sports betting. Dissecting parts of information, choosing what is worth taking a punt on and what isn’t. It is no easy game and every punter will deal with their tribulations because of it.

As a sports bettor you are always scouting for opportunities, some argue that sports betting is a lifestyle because you’ll be living and breathing it every day.

So burnout is dangerous and real and Sports betting is a highly invested activity. If you feel that sports betting is taking away from your enjoyment & happiness it is definitely time to take a step back. Taking a step back when you’re burnt out will allow you to take multiple steps forward in a better mindset. What you don’t want to do is get into a trap where you’re burnt out but want to make money and so you create unmotivated, lazy decisions.

Betting whilst on burnout will eventually cause you to lose more money than its worth, but the best way to deal with burnout is to not get it in the first place.

If you’re feeling a lot of stress, we advise you to spend time with loved ones, try a new hobby or take a break. Sports betting is supposed to be enjoyable first, money gains are second to that. This can be hard for some to understand, especially if they feel they’re wasting time whenever they’re not taking a punt. But really, by taking time away from betting, you’re protecting yourself which ultimately is paying forward future dividends to yourself that you wouldn’t get whilst in a psychological state of burnout.

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