What is a Staking Strategy?

The staking strategy is one of the main factors for our success across Sports betting. It is the method used to measure profit, manage risk and keep sustained consistent profits for us and all of our members. It is imperative to have a solid staking strategy in place but it is common for a lot of casual punters to neglect it.

A lot of casual punters neglect their staking plan because its too much effort to manage, they want to just get straight into the action.

Whilst that is understandable, you’ve got to manage the risk you are taking, this is real hard-earned money after all and you want it to work for you and grow. You can’t do that if you’re betting blindly, you need to know exactly what you’re doing!

Why do I need a Staking Strategy?

Fail to plan and you’ll plan to fail. A strategy gives you a perspective that you won’t be able to get from just placing bets. In some ways a strategy allows you to think from birdseye view and out of the box. It can be very difficult to get through betting whilst making a profit if you don’t have a wide view of what is happening. You need to be able to prepare for every outcome in order to maximise your profit and lower your losses.

It may seem very ‘professional’ and formal to be putting betting and strategy together and for some people that just isn’t for them. But try it, sticking to it is going to only make you more money in the long run and a strategy is for your benefit, no one else! In some ways, you need to treat betting like a serious business in order to increase every chance of winning.

A bonus of Staking Strategies are that you’ll also develop a disciplined mindset that is ready to beat the market.

Stick to the Strategy

It is important to stick to the strategy, otherwise, you are in danger of losing your entire bankroll in one bad bet!

Just google the numerous stories on gambling forums where this has happened. You don’t want to be another victim to losing your bankroll overnight! Losing your entire bankroll might not seem like a disaster if it is just surplus money but it will put more pressure on you to get all that money back and done sensibly it might take months. Otherwise, if you take big risks you could end up losing more, trying to get your original money back! That is called Chasing Losses.

Sticking to the Strategy gives you the edge as you’ll be able to:

  • Track your progress over time – Most betters tend to overplay their wins and forget about their losses in their head.
  • Asset Protection – You’re separating your money from your savings and current account. You have a divided lump sum in a different account called a bankroll and you use your strategy to protect it

We give every one of our members a staking plan. Are you interested in betting with a strategy? Find more about the tips we offer here