With hundreds of bet types offered by the popular bookmakers, it can be extremely confusing to remember them all, especially when you’re starting out!

So here are the most common types of bets, we’ll also be explaining what each one means so you have a better understanding

In-Play Betting

In-Play betting is when you place a bet on a sporting event that is actually in progress. Traditionally you would have to place your bets before an actual event started, whether that was Football or Horse racing, otherwise it would not be accepted.

With the improvement of technology allowing bookmakers to create automatic systems which calculate the odds as the event progresses, as well as removing the administration time. You can now place bets even when the event is running!

In-Play betting is very popular with football games. If you’d like In-Play betting tips you can head over here


The Over/Under bet involves predicting the total number of goals or points scored during the course of a sporting event.

For example, you can place a bet on total goals being over 3, but if the match ended 1 – 1 in a full 90 minutes, you would lose because the total goals were 2 which is under 3. However, if you placed a bet for Under 3, in that scenario you would’ve won!

1×2 Match Betting

1×2 is one of the most popular betting markets, especially for Football bets.

The 1 represents the home team, the X represents a draw and the 2 represents the away team. That means there are three outcomes to this bet, Team 1 wins, a draw or Team 2 wins.

At most bookies, you can select if you think Team 1 will win, Team 2 or if it will be a draw.

The 1×2 Bet is an all or nothing bet, so if you lose, you’ll lose your entire stake.


An HF/FT Bet stands for Half Time/Full Time Bet. This bet has two parts to it, the half time result and the full-time result. You must match the criteria in both in order to win the bet.

It isn’t the easiest bet to win, but the rewards can be better. Like the 1×2 it is an all or nothing bet.

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