It’s always fun to see your profit and bankroll grow, especially when you have a modest starting amount, but what most beginner tipsters will find is that there are a lot of obstacles in your way when it comes to making a profit.

There are also a lot of opinions and it can be difficult to know who you should listen to.

We’ve compiled a list of our favourite tips to making the most out of your bankroll and to give you the best chance of making profit.

Use Safe Selection

A common mistake people make when they’re looking for profit and opportunity is to look for matches with bigger odds so that they can make bigger returns.

Typically the odds will reflect the chance of an outcome to happen, so you need to be careful with this mindset!

If a team has 20 to win then you can guess that they are very unlikely to win. Betting on this just because you’ll get a massive return isn’t smart because the chances of them winning are probably close to 0.

Chasing big odds for big wins is a great tactic if you want to lose money, so instead you should play sensibly and look for opportunities where you’ve got a 50% or more chance of winning. If the return is more modest that is fine, making a profit is a long-term game and you’ll need to slowly build up your bankroll.

You’ll also be less vulnerable to fatal blows so bear this in mind when you’re scouting for opportunities.

Of course, you still want to make a decent return so getting the balance between risk and return is vital, don’t play too safe that you make nothing on your returns because the chances of you coming back from a loss are very low if your returns are low.

Stick to Quality Leagues that you know

As a punter is can be tempting to look all over the place for opportunity.

What you want to do is stick to leagues with quality matches so that you can keep outcomes as reliable and as predictable as possible.

With so many football matches going on around the world and bookies giving you a wider selection, starting to look into Brazillian leagues for example can spark your curiousity. You would however be better off sticking to Premier League or the Bundesliga.

That’s because these higher quality leagues are more established and have a higher level of predictability, so the chance of you making a prediction that is right, is far more likely than you betting on a league no one really knows much about and is in its early stages of growth.

Stick to Markets you are familiar with

As we discussed before, there are plenty of leagues to pick from. In the same way, there are also a lot of markets to pick from too.

It is far more better to stick to markets you’re familiar with. If you want to learn about new markets by all means do so, but if you’re out to make a profit you need to stick to what you know.

If you don’t normally bet on certain selections, avoid them at all costs. If you don’t understand how Asian Handicap markets work, you’ll need to give them a miss until you’ve done your research, regardless about how popular they are.

We advice you to stick to simple markets and get comfortable with those first, Match Results, Draw No Bet, Over/Under. These are easy to grasp and understand and provide decent odds.

Bank your Initial Stake

Once you’ve started making a profit, the best way to stop yourself coming out of betting with a loss is to bank your initial stake. This way you’ll only be betting with your profit which is far better than losing any money.

By doing this you’re betting with your free money and this is going to make betting a little less stressful and far more fun.