Spread Betting on Football


Spread Betting in Football is one of the most thrilling types of betting possible, beyond any doubt. In spread betting, gamblers bet on whether a given result in a match would end up being above or below a ‘spread’ provided by the betting company, with wins or losses decided by how far the actual result ends at or below the spread.

How does Spread Betting work?


Example 1:

Spread betting is one of the popular types of betting in different kind of sports.

The forecast/prediction could look something like this from the spread betting company: Manchester United points: 76 – 77.5.

This suggests that they expect Manchester United to finish with either 76 or 77 points. The lower one is the price of the offer. The better the price at which you buy it.

You will win £65 if you buy the spread at £10 a point and Manchester United ends on 84 points. For half a point, that’s £ 10 per point and £ 5.

If Manchester United finished on 75 points, though, so you’d have lost a total of £ 25. You’re betting that if you sell Manchester United points, they will end up with less than 76. If you bet £ 10 per point and they end at 70, you win £ 60. If they finish with 80 points, though, so you lose £ 40.

But maybe it takes you a little bit too long for the long-term markets, and you’d like to gamble every match. For spread betting, you can do it too.

Example 2: Player target minutes are one of the most common match markets to bet on. The spread would be set at something like 37 to 40 for a star striker. The occasions they scored their goals are added up at the end of the match. If you buy the spread, it means you expect that the cumulative points will reach 40. In the following case, for instance: Harry Kane Goal Minutes for Player: Sell 37-Buy 40 And on the 15th minute and the 45th minute, he scores a goal. This adds up to 60 minutes. If you bought 40 for £ 10 per stage, you’d win £ 200. However, sadly, if he scored just in the 5th minute, your luck is out. You’d be wasting £350. That perfectly illustrates the amount of risk associated with spread betting.

With that said, here are 6 Spread betting tips, that will increase your winning chances!


6 Tips for Spread Betting


1- Use small stakes: In selected markets, you can buy stakes for as little as 1p. With small stakes, you can not win huge sums, but you should be assured that the scale of any future losses will be small and your betting balance can go higher, encouraging you to try out a greater variety in our markets.

2- Cut your losses: The safe choice may be to secure the balance and cash out of the situation before it gets any worse if you have made a bet that is going against you. Early, cut your losses and secure your betting bank.

3- Until betting, always thoroughly consider the competition and the rules. Especially if you’re new to betting spreads. Before you put a bet, double-check if you appreciate what you’re walking into.

4- Never gamble on cash that you can’t afford to lose. It should go without saying, but you can quickly run up losses that you weren’t planning with spread betting.

5- Don’t bet until you are totally centred. This suggests never betting when you encounter intense feelings such as frustration or depression. Even when you’re drunk, never bet!

6- Often consider closing your bet if you have made a good gamble, particularly when you have equally matched teams.

DYOR is the most relevant spread betting advice – do your own analysis! The more time you will spend researching the markets in which you are involved and benefiting from the betting action that has taken place across that market, the greater the likelihood that you can have a good spread betting experience.