What does In-Play mean?

In-plays are very simple! It just means you start betting after the event has started. This is the same as In-Running or Live Betting!

This is a short guide to help you get the basics of In Running or In Plays when Sports Betting so you can keep it in your toolkit, understand the Pros, Cons and be weaponed with the knowledge that contributes to your success!

Before you get started, you might want to look at the best bookmakers for in-play betting here

With that said, let’s get into 4 Tips for In-Play Sports Betting



We live in a modern advanced world full of distractions and pinging notifications, don’t let that get in the way of you winning a bet or missing an opportunity.

In-Play markets move incredibly rapidly as the event has already started. You should be completely focused on the match, not texting your mates on Facebook or cooking dinner whilst putting your money on the line. You’ll want to be 100% focused on the match and looking for an opportunity to place a punt.

A small lack of concentration for even just a moment can be the difference between winning a bet and losing one especially in fast-moving sports such as Football & Horses.

You don’t want to be mid-conversation whilst your money is on the line. Instead, try completely devoting your focus to the game if you’re serious about earning money from betting. For some people, this can be extremely difficult, but it’s good to try and shut off, put your phone on silent for just a few minutes & see how much more engaged you get with Sports Betting.


Don’t leave it up to Beginners Luck

The truth is, gambling is a chance game, but you can turn those possible outcomes in your favour if you completely understand the game you’re watching.

Do you understand the matchups, the strengths of each individual player, the recent performance & can keep unbiased through it all?

No one is a robot so you might not know everything but you should have information to support your decisions even with In Plays. With time being tight there might not be much time to do enough research, but you can take a quick look at a statistics page.

We have statistics on our home page that you can refer to when placing an In-Play: no1tipsterpremium.com 

If you don’t know enough about the matchup of the game, don’t bet. Just observe and learn!

We believe that if you know more about the game you can roll chance into your favour. There is no guarantee, but if you know the game, your probability of failure is going to be less than someone who knows nothing about what is going on.


Don’t be indecisive

With In-play betting you’ll need to react quickly, that doesn’t mean you should be impulsive, but it does mean you’ll need to be confident in your bets. If you’re stuck between betting & not, you probably don’t see the potential value. There is no point being indecisive about it, if you’re contemplating a bet for too long you won’t get the best prices, especially in games such as Football, Horses, Dogs & Tennis.

To make quick calls you’ll need to have good game knowledge in the first place, whilst this is a gambling game, it isn’t a guessing game, you can’t put hard-earned money on a guess!

You’ll also need to know your way around your bookmaker’s app to get the best prices, enable one-click betting if possible and make sure you have got the latest prices!

Pro Tips: Make sure you don’t have poor internet, if it takes too long to refresh prices, navigate around the app and place your bets, you’re not getting the most out of In-Play betting!


You’re a student of the game

Understand you’re not a master at this, no one really is and we’re always learning, finding better tools, systems, potential & ways to bet. To make mistakes is simply part of being human, don’t hold yourself up over it and instead reflect logically and snowball those mistakes into your betting education.

Once you do this, you’ll be able to outline your mistakes to minimise your future losses.

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