Looking back on 2020 in 20/20 it’s quite obvious there was a lack of sports betting opportunities.

Never the less we at N1T still left 2020 in profit and the N1T Family has doubled in size.

But it isn’t to say that the lack of opportunities didn’t get our eyes gazing to more prosperous markets.


Financial Betting Bookies

Bookmakers bread and butter is sports and that isn’t going to go anywhere, but some of the most popular bookmakers also offer financial betting such as Betfair & Smarkets, those bookies let you bet on sports & financial instruments using the same account, giving you seamless access to both markets at a tap of the finger.

Some of our members dabble in both financial and sports betting so it’s a good opportunity to mention more about Financial betting and what it is about.


What is Financial Betting?

Financial betting is a reference to wagering on the price of a financial instrument, you’re betting whether the price of that instrument will go up or down relative to the current price of it today. Just like with sports betting there will be odds, but except for events, you’ll be betting on a financial instrument!

Although it has it’s similarities, Financial Betting is a different ball game, lets dive into the markets that Betfair lets you bet on currently.


Betfair Financial Markets

With Betfair you will currently be able to bet on the below:

  • Bitcoin
  • Interest Rates

There are plenty of other financial options as well such as Shares, Indexes, Commodities and Spread Betting.

Here are simple explanations for some of these opportunities:

Shares – You buy a piece of a company, owning a share of that company and as the company grows, you’ll be in profit. However, if it declines you’ll be at a loss.

Indexes – A mix of companies and shares, such as FTSE 100 which allows you to buy into an index that tracks the performance of these top 100 companies. Another famous one is the S&P500 listing the top 500 companies in the United States.

Commodities – Rice, Gold, Wheat are all commodities that you can invest in. This can be good when you need a hedge in case stocks to decrease.

The purpose of this article is to let you know about Financial Betting and that it is an option that you can have in your toolkit for when you lack opportunities in Sports Betting. Betfair has a platform called Tradefair that allows you easy access to this market and there is plenty of opportunities or on plenty of other platforms.

Always do your own research, gather information where you can and don’t gamble with money you can’t afford to lose!

More information can be found here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Financial_betting