A Heinz Bet, not to be mistaken with Heinz beans is a well-blended bet which covers 57 bets across six different selections.

This bet takes its name from the ’57 Varieties’ slogan that we see on the Heinz bottles! 


When you place a Heinz Bet you’ll be betting across 57 bets. So a 20p Heinz bet would mean you have a stake of £10.40.

A Heinz bet is commonly for advanced punters but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know about it as we often do Heinz bets in our groups. If you get confused don’t worry, Heinz bets are one of the more complex betting options you can choose from and you can always skip them and look into our other bets if you don’t feel comfortable.


57 Bets, 6 Selections

A Heinz bet requires a higher wager, so for example, if you’re doing a £10 Heinz Bet, you would actually be multiplying that bet by 57 bets. That means your £10 Heinz Bet would be a stake of £570 or your 10p Heinz Bet (per stake unit) would be £5.70.

The Heinz Bet requires very high stakes compared to other bets so keep this in mind, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start off low and give the Heinz bet a try!

There are so many betting options these days it can be confusing what to bet on, because of this, the Heinz bet provides a level of reassurance, as we said before this bet is well-blended & diversified, so if a few bets lose and some win you have a better chance of coming up on top with profit compared to just staking on one bet and losing.

That doesn’t mean it’s an easy way to make money, you’ll still need knowledge of the games you’re betting on to maximise your profits and make good selections, but it does mean you’re well-diversified if a few events go sour, this makes a Heinz bet work similar to an Index fund, where you spread your stake over multiple events/companies.


What does a Heinz Bet consist of?

A Heinz bet as we now know has 57 bets over 6 selections, these bets can be set across different sports but typically they’re spread across multiple events on the same day or across a weekend. So for example you could place a Heinz bet on Dogs, Football & Horses, all sports that we currently provide tips for.

The 6 selections help you diversify those bets, you can’t place a Heinz bet on one race, what you need to do is select 6 different events.

Let’s dig deeper into what these bets consist of!

  • one six-fold accumulator
  • six five-fold accumulators
  • 15 four-fold accumulators
  • 20 treble bets
  • 15 double beds

Looking at that you can see that a Heinz bet, is just a wide range of bets or could be called a multiple bet. As long as you win a few bets you can make a profit, you don’t need to win all of the bets and you sometimes don’t need to win the majority of them either.

Let’s say all 6 selections are equal if this is the case and you placed a £1 Heinz for a total take of £57 at each horse priced at 4.00, your returns would look something like this:

  • No selection wins: No Profit and Initial bet lost (-£57)
  • 1 Selection win: No Profit and Initial bet lost (-£57)
  • 2 Selection wins: £16 Return with a loss of £41
  • 3 Selection wins: £112 return with a profit of £55
  • 4 Selection wins: £608 return with a profit of £551
  • 5 Selection wins: £3104 return with a profit of £3047
  • 6 Selection wins: £15,600 return with a profit of £15,543

Now you can see the insane profits you can get from a Heinz bet with just 3 selections in this scenario you break even and you can 10 times your initial stake with just 4 selection wins.

High returns can also be gained with a single six-fold accumulator but that would require all selections to win to get a return. The Heinz bet can provide returns with just two of the six selections winning in some scenarios.

The disadvantage of the Heinz bet of course is the initial high stake, professional punters will need to decide for themselves if the higher chances of returns are worth the high stake that is required to place a Heinz bet, for those who are experienced punters, they’ll know when they should place a Heinz and when they shouldn’t, just like Punters would do with single bets.

Whether the initial high stake is worth the increased returns depends on the Punter and the opportunities at hand. But hopefully, this article helps you familiarise yourself with the Heinz bet!

Lucky 63 – The Lucky 63 is similar to the Heinz bet but comes with an additional 6 single bets, if you see L63 or Lucky 63, now you know what it means!