Whilst on the surface Football can seem like a very simple sport. Making the correct score predictions can be very unpredictable and challenging.

The odds of predicting the exact outcome of a game is quite difficult, but there are some methods we use in order to gain an edge and make informative decisions.

Predicting accurate scores relies on various strategies and having the right systems in place.

So here are a few things you should consider in order to predict football scores.

Leave emotions out of it

Experienced bettors know that predicting scores is often far more logical than emotional. In order to be successful in the future, you must remove emotions from the equation.

You should look out for these emotional feelings that could lead you to make foolish decisions:

  • Bias and siding for particular teams
  • Influences from the crowds of opinions
  • Fear of missing out. Fear of losing out

Compare the matchup tactically and logically

Tactical compatibility should be considered when making a score prediction. For example, a team who doesn’t have fast players will very likely lose against a well-defended or counter-attacking team simply because it can’t get past them. You will need experience watching these teams play over the years to understand their tactics and playstyles but it will help you make more logical decisions instead of running off impulse.

Track recent performance

Use reliable data sources to find statistics and rankings. You will need effective algorithms using a Poisson distribution that use data from previous matches to make accurate goal predictions.

For example, you must factor in at least, player statistics, match history, and overall goals, however the more accurate statistics the more informed you will be.

You can also take in factors such as player suspensions, player injuries as well as management changes when making their predictions.

Time is the best teacher

Even with great advice that puts you on the right path to success you are still always bound to lose from time to time, so don’t let your losses break you, always expect some losses as a bettor as that is part of the game.

The only way you can master soccer predicting is to gain experience, practice and find strategies that work for you.

That can only be achieved by learning from your mistakes and practising.