With a lot of distractions in the world, bad habits can become common practice and this is especially true with gambling.

It isn’t the best feeling at all when you lose a bet and as humans, we can start to bet emotionally over time without realising it in order to try and make back what we lost, in essence, we are chasing after dopamine in order to feel happy again.

It is foolish to do this as it can lead to hundreds of mistakes such as doubling your stakes to try and claw back what you lost or betting too aggressively on poor odds.

We all know what’s wrong and right, whats logical and emotional but in a certain mindset, it can be hard to lose track of this and let go of what we think is a winner but is obviously a loser.

Chasing Losses

Betting can be a very addictive activity and it can be extremely tricky to shake off any bad habits, chasing losses is one of the largest problems punters may face, especially early on in their betting career, digging a hole deeper and deeper into an abyss of an empty bank account.

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Blindly Betting

You should know why you’re betting, why you’re putting a stake on a certain outcome and what you’re trying to get from it.

  • Betting casually on the weekends and evenings to make matches a bit more exciting
  • Trying to make a side income and reap a hefty profit

There are many reasons why you might need to bet, but you should always have a reason, blindly betting can lead you targetless and unresearched gambling has a high rate of loss.

If you’re a casual bettor, enjoy small stakes and enjoy the rollercoaster up and down with surplus money you don’t need.

If you are aspiring to be a professional and want to make money, you’ll need a serious strategy in place, mapped out with your bankroll, understanding betting odds, betting terminology and a lot of patience to go with it.

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Don’t be a sheep

There are too many voices in this world and you can’t let them all distract you. With so much noise in the world, being a sheep is very easy, listening to a crowded room of who will win the game tonight, easily lead by TV and radio, social media and articles and more importantly lead by what bookmakers tell everyone.

A professional bettor will know that the betting public is wrong more often than it’s not and they’ll look for good reasons to bet against them if there is a value proposition to. Don’t fear to go against bookies and the public as both are wrong a lot of the time more often than not.

To summarise, remember that it’s ok to lose from time to time. Instead of trying to claw back your losses, accept the loss and don’t look back. You should be making non-emotional bets which will over time build into a profit.

Hopefully, this article helps you get out of bad habits and helps you stick to logical values, mindsets and strategies.

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