We’re on a winning streak and then suddenly we get told we’re limited. Its happened frequently here at N1T and it is very frustrating. With that being said, there are a few ways to avoid this happening to you when you’re winning. So we’ll discuss those options below.


Use an exchange instead of a bookmaker

Exchanges can guarantee you that you won’t have stake limitations and closures on your account, even when you are constantly winning. The reason why is because unlike bookies, the exchanges do not lose money when you win. Exchanges, similar to stock market exchanges make money from spread or exchange commission. That’s what they’ll charge you when you are placing a bet. That means regardless of if you lose or win, you don’t run the risk of being limited. Exchanges like Betfair make their money like this and they make their money from the frequent trading activity so in some sense, it’s in their interest for you to be profitable so that you do not leave and keep placing bets. Betfair however only takes a commission on a win. So if you lose you’ll not have to pay their 5% commission. This varies per exchange so make sure you do your research!

The problem with betting exchanges is that you won’t get the same bets or odds as bookmakers.


Switch accounts to manage wins and losses

This can be time-consuming but an effective way if you’re frequently getting accounts closed. The way this works is to keep a record of your account’s profits and losses, ideally in a spreadsheet. Then you simply rotate your bets. If you are going for another high reward bet it would make sense to use the account with losses to balance it out instead of using an account on a winning streak and vice versa.


Don’t always chase bookmaker offers

It’s an easy way to get your account flagged. Constantly taking advantage of special offers can get you tagged as a bonus abuser. Bookies hate them as whilst its a great way to attract new punters, it also makes little profit. So whilst taking advantage of some great offers might make sense, sometimes it is best to avoid being tagged if you’re shooting for the long-term. That way you can keep your account undercover.


Round off your bets

Recently a lot of bookmakers have been on the lookout for group Robo betting. This is where everyone collectively deposits money into a pot. That pot is then used to bet with an algorithm known as a betting robot and then everyone is given a share of the wins. The problem is that if someone is betting strange amounts like £348.69, it can be flagged on systems that their account is involved in robot betting.

The majority of people bet £5, £10, £20. These are whole numbers. Whilst you might be dividing your stake plan rounding off all of your stakes is a great way to stay undercover and not get flagged for breaking their terms and conditions. You might be found innocent, but you might be limited anyway if they spot your account is on a winning streak. This is a great way to stay under the radar.

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