It’s very easy to see a bad streak of days and completely give up on Sports Betting, but we think you shouldn’t let a bad streak get in the way of making a profit.

Over the long term if you stick to a staking plan and have set up your bankroll it isn’t that difficult to make a profit, but getting to that point when you’re starting out can look unreachable.

“Be not afraid of going slowly, be afraid only of standing still” – Chinese Proverb

We’ve all heard the quote “Patience is a virtue” from our favourite movies, know it all friends & parents, a quote that is applicable to almost every part of life but none probably more so than with Sports Betting. The amount of overnight successes from Sports Betting is incredibly small and for every overnight success, there are thousands who lost their life savings doing so.

It’s incredibly hard to be patient in today’s world where you can place a bet at a tap of a button, with price boosts, special offers and constant booms coming from every direction, but staying consistent and patient pays off with most things in life, including your betting career too.


Staying Consistent & Disciplined

The only way to make consistent profits in sports betting over the long term is through strategies that are driven by data.

One thing that can be guaranteed is that every professional punter will have a bad day, a bad week and a bad month. It’s just part of the game.

But to make a profit over the long-term you’ll need to stay consistent and not give up on the first roadblock nor the second.

Instead, you should be placing bets strategically backed by data. Removing all emotions and gut feelings and only placing your bets on what statistically makes sense.

It’s easier said than done and sticking by the data requires a lot of discipline.

All sports can be unpredictable and whilst Humans have evolved to find patterns and impulses, they’re not all that accurate with larger-scale things such as a Football match. Whilst it’s convenient to rely on Human impulses you’re going to most likely lose money, instead you’ll want to treat Sports betting more like you would treat other professional investment vehicles such as the forex market.

In a forex market, how would you know what to trade on? It can be easier to make impulsive decisions with something like Football since you think you know all the players, team competitions and performance in your head but with forex, you wouldn’t know what currency is dropping or rising without knowing current events.

This is how you’ll want to treat sports betting in the future, throw out what you think you know and find out the facts, that’s how you create a profitable sports betting strategy that you can rely on.

  1. Setup a Bankroll
  2. Stick to a staking plan
  3. Make statistically backed bets
  4. Be patient & disciplined

And if you can’t find out the facts for yourself, rely on high-quality Tipsters like us who do the research for you!