With the pandemic taking a toll on the sports industry worldwide, it is no surprise that esports is incredibly popular as an alternative until everything clears.

We’ve also adapted to integrating esports into our football tips until everything is back to normal!

The esports is a billion-dollar industry and is worldwide and incredibly accessible to everyone on a phone and is one of the most popular sectors of gaming to date.

Whether you’re a loyal betting fan missing your hometown team right now or a strategic punter looking to capitalise on opportunities right now, we’re all looking to make some money.

Esports has had an incredible rise fortunately before the pandemic, what once was a niche industry only 5 years ago has now become an international phenomenon with millions of players and spectators worldwide all getting involved.

Like all sports there is a thriving betting economy and with eSports no longer being a small hobby that was never taken seriously, we’re getting access to great technology with betting sites, bookies, playbooks and massive communities full of punters discussing strategy, opportunities and more.

You may be familiar with betting on physical football teams and fortunately eSports Betting works quite similarly. So here is a guide to help you get involved.


Choose the right Bookmaker

We may be in uncharted waters but we need to look for a bookmaker with great offers, odds and vital information about the different esports. All bookies have vastly different styles that allow you to place different types of bets on different types of games so look around community forums, do your own research and look for a bookmaker who is reputable.

There are a lot of great bookmakers, but depending on what you want to bet on will depend on which you should use.


Get involved in the community

A punter always does their research. Luckily eSports is heavily internet-based and so has grown huge communities filled with seasoned punters, fans and followers who participate in community forums. These forums will debate the latest odds, offer advice and are a great source of information.


Bet Strategically

No seasoned gambler bets with emotions. Following your heart, taking biased decisions and being a follower is likely to leave you on a losing spree. A good wildcard bet is always fun, but if you’re looking to make a profit in the long term you’ll need to look at data, analytics and statistics before making a bet. It might make sense to you to bet on your favourite player because it worked last time, but that isn’t a strategy that will give you any long-term benefits. Instead, look at play history, roster changes, track records and other statistics before risking your hard-earnt money.