We’ve been told a thousand times that the bookie always comes out on top. It is widely known that the bookies have an edge against us all but with that being said, we can always find opportunities to beat them at their own game.

A good example of this is simply being good at betting, but this can be difficult as it takes a lot of time to research and find these opportunities. You need a lot of discipline, patience and grit to stand back up when you’ve been knocked down.

There is however an alternative that you may have heard of, Matched Betting.

Matched betting can put you in complete control of a situation so that you can generate a lot of risk-free profit. This process is becoming more and more popular and a lot of punters are putting it to good use.


How does Match Betting work?

Match Betting is simply the process that allows you to take advantage of free bet offers across a wide range of online platforms and bookies.

Bookmakers are always giving free betting rewards, you may have seen this as a new customer where you may have got a free bet.

But it isn’t about just signing up to a load of bookies online, that would not provide long-term profits, matched betting also takes advantage of reload offers, such as offers on in-plays, refunds and ACCAS. These are always going on to entice registered users to keep betting and stay active on their betting account. The more active you are on your account, the more money bookies will make from their margins. These reload offers will provide you with consistent profit month to month that’ll add up in your staking pot.

The way matched betting works is simple. You place a qualifying bet to activate free bet offer and in order to do that without losing any money, you have to bet both for and against a certain event.

A good example of this is betting for Team A to win but also betting against Team A winning on another platform. That way no risk is taken as the two bets will cancel each other out (except for commissions and odd differences).

Then once you have activated your free bet offer you repeat the process of matching a bet but making use of your free bet rather than at your own expense. Then whatever the outcome you are guaranteed to win.

To maximise the amount of profit you make from this process you need to have access to the best offers available. There are matched betting websites that can help you find those but you should also look for some yourself.

The profits you make are going to be small but they will accumulate over time and give you a steady flow of income.

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