With there being a lack of sporting events you may be looking for alternative opportunities to gain some money.

A good alternative to look at if you’re already set up with the bookmaker like Betfair is the finance betting markets.

There are a lot of similarities between sports betting and financial betting so with bookies like Betfair making this easily available to you, this may be something you’re interested in as the markets will not seem hugely unfamiliar.

Some instruments you can bet on for example are:

  • Interest rates in the UK
  • Interest rates in the USA
  • Bitcoin & Ethereum Cryptocurrency
  • Australian Interest Rates

On this platform, you can either back or lay on the outcome of these instruments.

For example, if you think Bitcoin will go under $1000 by the end of 2020 you can back that selection.

The backing is the terminology used to bet for. Whilst Lay-off means to bet against a selection.

This is the same for all other instruments listed above.


What about other financial instruments?

There are some bookmakers which allow you to trade Shares, Indexes and Commodities on their platform, however, Betfair doesn’t. For these, we recommend using a popular betting exchange such as Trading212.

Like Sports betting, Financial betting has its challenges and you’ll see a lot of crossovers with those challenges that you face.

A lot of our content is relevant to financial betting, especially with the advice we give about not chasing losses and setting up a bankroll.

For more reading to get you prepared for the sports markets once everything is back to normal visit: