There are millions of bettors around the world, however, there are millions if not billions who do not bet.

What are your goals?

Some of us bet purely for fun, it gives us that extra bit of excitement when a match is on and we’ve put some skin in the game. For others, we’re on a path to getting rich, some of us are just great at betting and have a knack for it and sadly there are many who’re addicted to betting and need to learn how to gamble responsibly.

Whatever the reason, chances are sports gambling is more of a lifestyle than a choice and whilst you might have breaks, you’ll most likely never quit.

That’s ok as long as you’re taking precautions in your betting style, we suggest reading the below articles we’ve written in the past which cover how you can take precautions and bet responsibly.

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After a hard week at work, there is nothing more fulfilling than seeing a bet come up and winning it, as long as you are only betting what you can afford to lose, this is fine and you can actually end the week with profit in your hands and an additional side income.


How to reach my goals?

The key to reaching any goal is to stay consistent with it. They’ll be losses and winners but if you keep polishing your approach and keep betting records you can improve your process over time. In order to stay consistent, you’ll need to play within your means and stick to a staking plan and betting pot.

How can I reach my betting goals over time?

  • Understand the various risks involved in betting
  • You follow quality tips or find great opportunities yourself
  • You can learn from your losses
  • You stick to a staking plan & bankroll so you don’t over stake

If you cannot bet without managing your betting budget then you need to learn how to, otherwise, you can throw your entire months profits in one or two stakes over a bad weekend


What Should I look out for?

If you’re already tracking your bets in an excel spreadsheet, have a look through the amounts you have been staking, which should be in line with your pot and staking plan, and if you come to the conclusion that you have been sticking to your staking plan but your pot isn’t building, check your betting frequency. If you’re betting too much, slow down and look for better opportunities, you don’t want to be placing bets that you’re not confident in.

Repeat this analysis process at the end of every month (or 3, 6 or 12 months as you get more comfortable) whilst remembering to keep an overall profit and loss figure for each year.

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