Trends and statistics are a very important part of the analysis and are imperative to studying before making betting decisions, in the last decade it’s never been truer that statistics are a huge factor and in some ways with enough trend following punters can become self-fulfilling.

With that being said, we’ve said before following the crowd can be a deadly mistake, so what about following the trend?


Should Statistics be the foundation of your decision?

When you’re looking at the formation of a team, you’re still looking at statistics. If you’re looking at recent wins, team players and anything similar it is all statistics, whether you analytically look at it or make a human judgement based on historical events.

So with that being said, it is difficult to avoid not looking at statistics unless you blindly gamble based on odds or uneducated impulses.

In some sports such as horses, statistics can be the most fundamental factor as a horses win percentage can help you understand the consistency of a horse and how well they’re are to run at an event.

With that being said though, looking into stats is infinite as there are so many statistics to look through. So making it the foundation of a decision might not be efficient or feasible because by the time you make a decision the odds may be lowered!

Statistics undoubtedly give you extra information, some punters will argue they’re the foundation of a decision, whilst others will suggest they’re there to back your decisions and provide a slight edge over the bookies.



Following a trend can be useful for betting but should not be the foundation of a bet. It’s much better to ask why that trend exists. If you are certain about why the trend exists it can be useful to support a betting decision, however, if a trend seems oddly random, it should most likely be overlooked as it can lead you to make some deadly mistakes and unreasonable risks which can lead you to chase losses.

That is not to say Trends don’t have their place in betting, but its to point out that trends are often short-sighted and it is much better to question a trend than to follow it and put all your faith into them.

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