We’ve already spoke about why you should use a Tipster but how do you choose which Tipster is best for you?

There are a lot of Tipsters and a lot of Punters around the world, but it’s difficult to decide which Tipster is worth it.

With there being plenty of scams and false promises in this industry, we’ll be discussing how you can keep your money safe and choose a tipster wisely!

Here are our suggestions

If it’s too good to be true, it probably is

Don’t buy into people on social media claiming they’ve made thousands every month with their Tips and that you’re missing out and should follow them! If they really had a ridiculous edge over everyone else, they probably wouldn’t be spending their time on Twitter and would probably not share their advice freely!

A lot of new punters fall into FOMO (Fear of missing out) and can lose a lot of money listening to the wrong people.

If someone does claim to be making thousands upon thousands, always ask for their historical results in percentages or look for them online.

Choose a Tipster with similar interests to you

Every Tipster is different and has their own sport and betting preferences and that might affect what they share Tips on. Always look at what sports they prefer to share their tips on

Some lean more to different sports and that can affect what you get tips on, So if you like Football, don’t choose a Tipster who is more focused on Horse racing.

Pick a Tipster in your region

You’ll get the benefit of international and national tips which you might not get if you follow someone in a different country.

The timezones will also be similar which has a lot more advantages, especially if you’re part of a community too, if you follow someone in a similar timezone, there is no need to wake up early or stay up late just because you’re following a tipster who lives in USA or Australia. That’ll cause more problems than its worth, you have to enjoy it!

If you’re from Europe, so are we, you can find more information about our win rate here