It’s often unrealistic to think you’ll have any overnight success with sports betting and whilst it can happen, to get rich with sports betting in a short amount of time, you’ll need to be gambling a significant amount of money, typically more than the average UK adult is typically going to have in their bankroll or savings account.

If you can afford to gamble a significant chunk of cash, there isn’t any guarantee you’ll actually win, you might be more likely to actually lose it, depending on your experience level.

Getting rich in Sports Betting would require large amounts of cash that you’re willing to lose, an element of luck and being incredibly good at predictions. All something rare for a beginner to have when starting out.

There is also the discussion of what Rich is, for some, it’s a couple of thousand in the bank to keep them afloat for a year or so, for others it’s millions and for others it’s enough to quit their job to free up their time and become time rich, having the ability to travel, go on adventures & create experiences.

Whatever you define as rich, all money can run out eventually and overnight success is most likely going to burn out quick. Instead of focusing on being Rich in Sports Betting, we think it’s more realistic and sensible to focus on making consistent profit from Sports Betting, which, with the compounding effect can make you rich in the long term but also give you a more preferable lifestyle so you can still live within your means but have surplus cash after your bills!


Gradually becoming Rich takes years

If you can make a profit each month even with poor performing days/weeks, you can make consistent income every month, gradually growing your bankroll which increases your stakes if you’re following a staking plan, which then increases your profits.

It’s a snowballing process and whilst you’ll have roadblocks, hiccups and obstacles in your betting career, over the long run those can be evened out with consistent profits. To achieve this level in your sports betting career, you’ll need to avoid the one bet, win big or lose sort of mentality and keep a more sensible, steady profit strategy that is going to alleviate your financial pressures and not make them worse. To protect yourself you’ll need to be careful with how much you stake, don’t just put all your money into a couple of bets and cross your fingers, but keep logical, strategical and long-term focused as it is the easiest way to get rich in Sports Betting.

Successful bettors steadily grow their bankrolls, creating a compounding effect that increases their stakes and profits as they gradually gain experience, success and profit.

Sometimes at N1T we do have poor performing days and a lot of our newer members panic and cancel. But if you’re sticking to our staking plans, have a sensible bankroll and understand that making a profit is a process you can become rich with Sports Betting or at least enough to live a comfortable life and to not compromise on the things you enjoy!

Please read our FAQ which gives more information about our staking plan: