Horse racing is very unpredictable, so its very difficult to back the right horse regardless of the favourites or fool proofs. Sometimes you’ll get it wrong, but getting it right all the time wouldn’t be no fun!

As a beginner to horse racing, there are a few things that’ll make your experience easier.

Don’t bet on every race

It sounds obvious, but its always tempting to bet on every race, but this is not an efficient strategy, the best way is to check the odds across race days and then pick out bets you favour to focus on. This way you’ll be much less irrational with your bets and not so impatient to win

Set yourself a budget

We already spoke about bankrolls in another article, it’s a beginners mistake and it can be a fatal one. Make sure you limit yourself. We highly recommend you read our articles on bankrolls, it’ll keep you much more levelled when it comes to betting your money

Betting on the favourite

Betting on the favourite might not be worth it, especially if you have an appetite for risk and the odds are low. Statistically betting on the favourite is a 33% rate of winning. With low odds, making the right stake could be a way of making some money, but just don’t expect to make a lot of cash choosing favourites

Bets can change throughout the day

Remember that bets can change throughout the race day. The main reason for the change is because horses drop out, lose or win and therefore the odds at the bookies will be changing.

Win, Place and Show

The most basic horse bet tip is to remember Win, place and show. A Win is where your horse finishes first, Place is if your horse is second or first and a Show is first, second or third

Attending Horse Races

In-person Horse bets have a particular order. It’s customary when saying your bet out loud to get the right order!

  1. Track
  2. Race Number
  3. Bet amount
  4. Bet type
  5. Horse Number

For example: “Royal Ascot, Race 4, £2 to win on horse number 6”

If you would like to get started with Horse Racing online, we do have a Horse Tipster group including a banter chat with a warm welcoming community that would be happy to teach you the ropes. Slowly over time, you’ll learn how to bet like a pro, visit here for more information about us and how you can get started