With millions of Tipsters out there on Google & Social Media, it seems that being a Tipster has a low-barrier of entry.

After all, to call yourself a Tipster you’d only need to send people Tips, the problem with the low-barrier of entry is finding a Tipster that knows their stuff and is great value for money, this is often more tricky than finding bad Tipsters which can give the industry a bad reputation.

You should try to keep in mind there are still Tipsters that are great at what they do and have honest and fair pricing, whilst they might be the minority, it could be worth searching for a high-quality tipster.


Are Tipsters worth paying for?

Usually, the more we pay for a service the better quality it will be, however with Tipsters this isn’t necessarily true.

Knowing if a Tipster is good value depends on the profit you’re making following their Tips and how much they pay per month. This is a typically straightforward approach to know if a Tipster is worth it, however, there are a lot of free tips out there as well that should be considered. It can be difficult to know if paid tipsters are even worth it as they typically charge a monthly fee ranging from £5 to £200 a month and there are a lot of free Tipsters out there.

When comparing the average yield of 250 Tipsters by their Monthly Subscription Fee you can see the betting yield changes.

Monthly Subscription Fee Number of Records Betting Yield
Over £100 31 -0.60%
£50 to £100 49 1.73%
£25 to £50 79 2.23%
£0 to £25 48 -0.45%
£0 40 0.04%

As you can see, from this evidence there is a rise and dip in betting yield depending on subscription fees. Suprisingly the yield of subscriptions over £100 are in negatives compared to those Tipsters who offer a free service. However there is a rise in yield between £25 to £50 a month in subscription fee, on average 2% better yield than free tips. This 2% could mean the diffrence to staying stagnent when betting and making a good profit, remember this is just the average!

The reasons for these increases are under speculation, however, it could be that there is more motivation to keep subscribers between £25 and £50 by always trying to beat the bookmaker. Those who charge over £100 subscription fees may focus less on beating bookmakers and more on analysing each tip with their community for example.



The analysis should show you that paying more for Tips doesn’t mean you’ll get a better yield. Instead, you should look for quality, motivated Tipsters with a large community of subscribers. These Tipsters will be far more motivated to keep subscribers by constantly beating the bookies, sure they’ll be bad days and months but overall keeping the community profitable will be their goal. It could be that those charging over £100 subscription fees are just trying to make a quick buck with lucky tips, whilst those more fairly priced are looking for a long-term business.

We reccomend to first start with free tips, whilst they won’t be very profitable they’ll give you a taste of betting. Once you’re ready to start making money you should look into paid groups as they will provide you with better profits over the long-term.

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