When we place a bet we’re out to make a profit and it definitely doesn’t feel great when you lose money when you’re out to make some, regardless of how big or small the amount is.

Whilst it stings to lose money it is an inevitable part of betting so it is important to not let it derail your judgement and mindset otherwise you could end up losing even more.

With that being said here are 3 ways to keep focused and make sure you are able to turn your losses into wins.



Stop overthinking

We all do it but it’s important not to overthink about your bets. It is important to consider the aspects of a game, analyse the matchups and make the right logical decision but you shouldn’t go overboard. There will be a lot of conflicting views that might alter your decision online so it is best to stick to the facts, statistics and then make a decision based on them. Continually over-analyzing your matchups is a quick way to make emotional decisions or make decisions in the name of FOMO. Simply get the right statistics, analyse the matchup and make a decision.

Always use proven sources of information when making a decision, if you think a site has poor algorithms, statistics might not be right, don’t risk it. Go find real sources of information.


Are you ready to lose?

People lose money when they bet, are you ready to lose your money? If so, how much are you willing to lose, because that is how much you should be playing with.

Don’t run your pockets dry betting and trying to get your losses back, the loss is gone, let that sink in and move on to your next bet.

You should only put up as much as you can afford to lose. Otherwise, the risks to your health could outweigh any monetary gains and losses.

There are tons of stories online of people losing thousands in a day, don’t let that be you.

Set up a bankroll and keep to it, self-discipline is key to your success as a bettor.

Diversify your bets

Don’t go all-in on a bet, similar to the stock market you should diversify as much as possible whilst still being profitable enough.

Going all-in on a bet or even a handful of bets could mean the disastrous end of your betting career before its even gained traction.

Bet on a range of sports like Horses, Tennis & Football, on a range of teams and matchups.

Games are often unpredictable and so diversifying is an important betting strategy to protect yourself from a fatal loss.

If you would like to instantly diversify your bets, we cover a range of sports that you can immediately start betting on. You can find more information about us here